We provide you with various kinds of kimono patterns and designs.


Our shop is No.1 economical price around this region.

Group discount for more than 10 persons: 3,000yen/person(except tax)
Group discount for more than 3 persons: 3,500yen/person(except tax)

Kimono, Obi(broad sash), Accessory, Hair ornament, Dressing,and Setting hair are all incuded in the price.
All in one setting price, so is very economical.

浅草レンタル着物 海外 外国人

Wi-Fi is available.

浅草レンタル着物 メンズ 外国人 団体

Wi-Fi is available in this shop.
Internet searching applications are also available by smart phones.
In this shop, you can also communicate with friends or family members in foreign countries.


Optional kimonos are more than 200 kinds.

A lot of men’s kimonos are also lined up.
There are various kinds of kimonos which suit your taste.
So you would be surely able to coordinate your favorite ones .

There are also many kinds of obi(broad sashes) and hair ornaments in this shop.
So please choose your favorite ones.

Price plan

In this shop all plans include hair setting and hair ornament.
We are hoping that our customers put on kimonos perfectly. So we provide only full set plans.

Standard plan (kimono)

浅草 レンタル 着物

Kimono + Dressing + Hair setting

6,000 yen(except tax) → 4,000 yen(except tax)

“Kimono, Underwears, Long undergarment, Half-width obi, Obi band, Drawstring bag,Tabi, Japanese sandals, and Hair ornament”

Gold plan (2 feet long sleeved kimono)

浅草 レンタル 二尺袖

2 feet long sleeved kimono + Dressing + Hair setting

6,500 yen(except tax) → 4,500 yen(except tax)

“2 feet long sleeved kimono, Underwears, Long undergarment, Half-width obi, Obi band, Drawstring bag, Tabi, Japanese sandals, and Hair ornament”

Platinum plan (Casual sleeved kimono)

浅草レンタル 振袖

Casual sleeved kimono + Dressing + Hair setting

7,000 yen(except tax) → 5,500 yen(except tax)

Casual sleeved kimono, Underwears, Long undergarment, Half-width obi, Obi band, Drawstring bag, Tabi, Japanese sandals, and Hair ornament

Elegant plan (Long-sleeved kimono)

浅草 レンタル 振袖

Long-sleeved kimono + Dressing + Hair setting

12,000 yen(except tax) → 10,000 yen(except tax)

“Long-sleeved kimono, Underwears, Long undergarment, Double‐woven obi, Obi band, Japanese bag, Tabi, Japanese sandals, Hair ornament, and Fur”

A set of Japanese sandals and a Japanese bag is included.

Hakama skirt plan

浅草 袴 ハイカラさん

Hakama skirt + Dressing + Hair setting

8,000 yen(except tax) → 6,500 yen(except tax)
Hakama skirt, Kimono, Underwears, Long undergarment, Half-width ob, Drawstring bag, Tabi, Japanese sandals, and Hair ornament

We provide only Japanese sandals. If a customer wants to put on boots together with a kimono, please bring in them respectively.

Gentleman’s plan

浅草 レンタル メンズ 着物

Kimono + Dressing

Kimono, Underwears, Long undergarment, Diagonal band, Drawstring bag, Tabi, and Leather soled sandals

5,500 yen(except tax) → 4,000 yen(except tax)

Girl’s plan

浅草レンタル振袖 格安 女の子 七五三

Kimono + Dressing + Hair setting

6,000 yen(except tax) → 3,500 yen(except tax)

“Kimono, Underwears, Long undergarment, Diagonal band, Drawstring bag, Tabi, Japanese sandals, and Hair ornament”

Boy’s plan

浅草 着物 男の子 七五三

Kimono + Dressing + Hair setting

6,000 yen(except tax) → 3,500 yen(except tax)

“Kimono, Underwears, Long undergarment, Diagonal band, Drawstring bag, Tabi, and Japanese sandals”

※The charge changes a little, depending on person’s body size.


Fur, and/or Stole: + 500 yen(except tax) each

An optional plan for customers who put on kimonos or 2 feet long sleeved kimonos.


“A set of  Japanese sandals and a Japanese bag: plus 1,000 yen(except tax)”

For customers who love accessories
※Elegant plan includes this set.


Profitable promotion

Group discount

For a group of more than 5 customers
1 person: Uasually 6,000 yen(except tax) → 3,000 yen(except tax)

Please choose among standard, gentlemen’s, boy’s, and girl’s plans,
Also available for a mixed group of male and female.

※When you want to put on a long-sleeved kimono, casual sleeved kimono,or 2 feet long sleeved kimono excepting usual kimono by a group at this shop, please feel free to ask at the front desk.

Couple discount

For a couple customer
2 person: Uasually 11,500 yen(except tax) → 6,482 yen(except tax)

A coouple plan consists of a standard plan for a female and a gentleman’s plan for a male.

Promotional options

“If customers want to upgrade from a standard plan (usual kimono), our shop provides you with the following items.”

2 feet long sleeved kimono: plus 500 yen(except tax)

Long- leeved kimono: plus 1,500 yen(except tax)


Rental Flow

We introduce you to our rental flow.

1. After making a reservation by an email or the phone, please come to our shop.
※Your reservation on the current day is also available.

2. Please choose your favorite plan on the front desk.

3. You can choose your favorite kimono, obi, and accessories, and so on.

4. Dressing and hair setting in our shop.

5. After finishing, you will start to your destination.

6. Returning, the kimonos.



  • 1,How long does it take to put on kimono?

    For dressing yukata (Japanese summer kimono), it takes 10 minutes. Setting hair takes about 10 minutes. For kimono, 15 minutes. For Furisode (Japanese long-sleeved kimono), 30 minutes.

    Choosing your favorite kimono or yukata will need more additional time. It takes about 6 minutes in average.

    During on season or congested hours it may take more time. Please allow enough time for coming to us.

  • 2,By what time is it possible to return kimono?

    Our business hour is until 20 o’clock. So, please return by 20:00.

    If you are late for returning time, please contact us by phoone. TEL:.03-3844-7688

    During firework event or New Year’s seasons, etc, we will do our business until late hours.

  • 3,If I can’t return a kimono, what should I do?

    IfI you return next day, 1,000 yen (without tax) will be added as an additional fee. Please return kimonos, etc to the our shop by 10:00-12:00 on the next day or please send them by package (shipping prepaid) during next daytime.

    Please ship off to the following address. 1-11-7 Hanakawado, Taito ward, Tokyo, 111-0033 Asakusa rental kimono Koume

  • 4,Do I need to pay the cancellation charge?

    No, you don’t have to do it.

    When you cancel your reservation, please be sure to inform us of it ASAP.

  • 5,Is a credit card available?

    At our shop, your payment is available only by cash.

  • 6,Could you keep my baggage?

    Excepting your valuables, we keep your clothes, bags and so on at this shop.

    We keep them by 20:00 on the first day. So pleases come back untill then.

  • 7,Is there anything paticular to bring in your shop?

    You can rent a kimono, underwear, long undergarment, half-width obi, drawstring bag, Japanese sandals, tabi, and hair ornament.

    Hair set is also included in all plans, so please come empty-handed.

    If you put on spats or leggings in winter or cold weather seasons prelimanarily, you could do sightseeing comfortably.

    You can use our dressing room in our shop after you return kimonos.

    We are also preparing cosmetics, so please feel free to do make-up change.

  • 8,Can I rent a kimono without reservation? Is it OK to make a reservation on the current day?

    You are welcome co come to our shop without reservation on the day. We serve on first reserve baisis, so we recommend you preliminarily making a reservation.

  • 9,If it rains, or on a bad weather day, can I rent a kimono?

    Even if you have the inclement weather, you are able to rent kimonos.

    Even if kimonos get wet with rain, and become dirty, it’s OK. We provide you with strong kimonos in the rain.

    Please have your mind secure and enjoy your Asakusa sightseeing.

  • 10,Do you have any Furisode(long-sleeved kimono) rental plans?

    Yes, we have.

    A set of a Japanese bag and zori(Japanese sandals) are also included in an optional elegant Furisode rental plan.

    You can choose your favorite one among 22 kinds of Furisode(long-sleeved) kimonos.

    We are also preparing 2 shaku(60.6 cm) long sleeve Furisode as your option.

    Please choose carefully among normal long Furisode and 2 feet (60.6 cm) long Furisode kimonos.

  • 11,When does the rental of a yukata(summer kimono) start?

    It starts on June 1st.

    We have 200 kinds of yukata.

    From June to September, we are waiting for your coming with 200 kinds of yukata.

  • 12,I am tall. Is there any suitable kimono for me?

    We also provide kimonos and yukatas for tall persons. Please be relieved..

    According to your body shape, you will be well dressed by our professional dresser.

  • 13,Is it OK to bring in a kimono? Is it OK to ask for only hair setting and/or dressing?

    I’t’s OK. We have a plan of only hair setting and/or dressing.

    Furisode dressing plus hair dressing: 10,000 yen(except tax)

    Kimono(Komon(fine pattern), Visiting dress、Tomesode(black kimono patterned only below the waistline)) dressing plus hair dressing: 8,000 yen(except tax)

Shop information

Business hours


※Please return by 20 o’clock.
Please take a walk around Asakusa or do sightseeing in Tokyo.

Business days

Jan. 1 – Dec. 31

On Dec. 31 – Jan. 3. business hours are extended.


Access to our shop

1-11-7 Hanakawado,
Taito ward,
Tokyo, 111-0033

5 minutes’ walk to Senso-ji Temple. 5 minutes’ walk to Nakamise street .

1 minute walk from Asakusa station northern exit of Tobu line. .
3 minutes’ walk from Asakusa station 5th exit of subway metropolitan Ginza Line.
5 minutes’ walk from Asakusa station A5th exit of subway metropolitan Asakusa Line.




Standard plan 【Kimono】Gold plan 【2 feet long sleeved kimono】Platinum plan 【Casual sleeved kimono】Elegant plan【Long-sleeved kimono】Hakama skirt planGentleman's planBoy's planGirl's plan
Multiple selection is possible.