HAKAMA rental ¥7500yen( +tax)

Booking for 2019 Graduation is now OPEN

We start HAKAMA rental for primary school kids as well as the University and college students!

Graduation must be the very special day for you

You can coordinate the best look HAKAMA from our selection for your special day.
We have over 20colors HAKAMA variations.

We have 3 best support system for Graduation day

1. You can visit us in advance to chose and keep your favorite HAKAMA for the graduation day.
2. We open from 7am on the actual day
*we charge \2000(+tax)for the service until 10am

3. You can coordinate the only one style from our variety of bags and sandals as well.
4. We have Brand HAKAMA as well
– Jill stuart
– JAPAN Style

Elementary school student’s HAKAMA

We have HAKAMA for elementary school kids as well. Please give us a call for more details.

Kimono for HAKAMA

We have special Kimono for HAKAMA and also normal Kimono. It is up to you to wear either ones. Let’s discuss which one suites you the best and we promise you that you will find your favorite design and color from Your Kimono selections.

HAKAMA colors

If your height is over 150cm..
Navy, Dark brown, Sky blue, Yellow, Mustard, Gray and Brown
If your height is below 150cm..
Navy, Dark brown or Pink


For the tall ladies

We have LL Size HAKAMA for TALL ladies.
If you would like to wear a boots with HAKAMA, we can adjust your HAKAMA up to about 175cm.
If you would like to wear a ZORI(special sandals for KIMONO) ,we can adjust your HAKAMA up to about 168cm.

東京 卒業式 袴

Feed back from Elementary school kids mum

– It was headache with prices from most of the KIMONO shops but we were very happy to find KOUME shop for our kids HAKAMA
– We found best look HAKAMA for our kids from a lot of variations
– It was very helpful that we could check and adjust the right sizes for our kids BEFORE the graduation day.

Feed back from Universal students

– It was very helpful that we could request the time so we could wear HAKAMA right before the graduation ceremony
– I could find the traditional HAKAMA design
– It was very helpful that they sent HAKAMA set to my home
– It was very helpful that they came over to my school to put me on HAKAMA so I was very relaxed to attend my ceremony

東京 袴 レンタル


HAKAMA + dress up + hair set

10,000yen → 8,500yen (exclude TAX)

Our HAKAMA set includes ZORI(special sandals for KIMONO) if you wish to wear a boots, please prepare by yourself

HAKAMA for elementary school kids PLAN
HAKAMA + dress up + hair set

10,000yen → 7,500yen (exclude TAX)
HAKAMA for kinder garden kids PLAN
HAKAMA + dress up + hair set

10,000yen → 7,000yen (exclude TAX)

HAKAMA + dress up

10,000yen → 8,500yen (exclude TAX)

Additional OPTIONS for HAKAMA

FURISODE (HANJYUBAN) +1,500yen (exclude TAX)

Professional Hair set + 5,000yen (exclude TAX)

Early morning prices
7am…. + 6,000yen (exclude TAX)
8am…. + 5,000yen (exclude TAX)
9am…. + 2,000yen (exclude TAX)

We recommend you to have an extra time for you to relax on the day.
Let’s discuss the best time arrangement for your graduation time.

Next day return price

If its hard for you to come back to our shop to return the HAKAMA after graduation ceremony, you can return on the next day.
*please send before Mid-day
*If you would like to send by Takkyubin, please send before Mid-day
*We ask for your ID copy when you rental

Important points of Rental HAKAMA

1. Please send us an email or give us a call for HAKAMA selection
HAKAMA rental requires Advance payment.
We charge 3,000yen for the selection, but if you decide to rental on the selection day,
we return 3,000yen.

2. Require time
40minutes for Dress up and Hair set

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