Seijinshiki Furisode rental kimono

東京 レンタル成人式 振袖

We still have spots on 2019 SEIJINSIKI

SEIJINSIKI is on the 2019/1/14
We can start from 7am on the day.

We did 15 beautiful lady’s dress up last year and they were all HAPPY!!!

So this year we created 5 extra spots to make more happy ladies.
This special price is only for 20spots.
Please hurry to save your spotJ
*Its already full booking on 10o’clock spots, the latest spot is from 9:30am


– It was headache with high prices with most of Rental shops but we found KOUME shop for friendly price and I was very happy
– My mum wish to wear her HAKAMA but I didn’t like the design…I could find the best match KIMONO from KOUME so I was happy to wear mum’s HAKAMA with it.
– I couldn’t afford to buy the latest design but KOUME had the one I was looking for!


We have variety FURISODE and OBI(belt)

SEIJINSIKI is a special ceremony once in a lifetime. Our shop have over twenty different kimonos. so you can make cute coordination.

浅草 成人式 振袖 レンタル

Reservations are highly likely to be crowded, so please make a reservation early. Reservation is here

Dress up by Professional

Our professional will dress you up comfortably so that you can enjoy your ceremony even with unfamiliar kimono.


Keep your FURISODE beautiful for all –day long

SEIJINSIKI ceremony is all-day thing, it is important that
you are comfortable with it and also
they don’t fall. Our professional also give you advises how to perform
and handle your FURISODE properly so is difficult to fall down.

Hair set by professional hairdresser


Our plan include everything you need.


FURISODE + dress up + Hair set
17,000yen → 15,000yen (exclude TAX)


This is the combo plan which you can rent FURISODE twice. 1st one is for the photo shoot . You can even chose different design FURISODE for each day. So it’s a great deals that you can enjoy the 2 pattern of FURISODE. And this plan Rental kimonos can also be rented without plus fee, such as latest kimono such as Jill Stuart, which usually costs additional 5000 yen. Both in front shooting and adult ceremonies are rentable with no option fee. * Please arrange the photographer for the previous shoot by yourself.
Its 30,000 yen (excluding tax)

Optional choices

Latest or Brand ones from +5,000yen ~

Early morning fee from +2,000yen ~

We will correspond from early morning according to the date and time of the adult ceremony.
The reservation before 10 o’clock will fluctuate during the time zone and the early morning charge will fluctuate.
Please confirm at the time of visit.

7 o’clock, 7 o’clock 30 minutes reservation + 6,000 yen (tax excluded)

8 o’clock, 8 o’clock 30 minutes reservation + 5,000 yen (tax excluded)

We recommend that you make a reservation with extra time.
Let’s consult with you when you visit us.

Next day return from +4,000yen

If returning on that day is difficult, please use returning the next day. * Please return it by 12 o’clock the next day. * In the case of delivery by Takkyubin, please also ship by 12 o’clock the next day. ※ When you rent, we will refrain from copying the identification card

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