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As for the plan, it is possible to check multiple plans corresponding to the plan.
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“Notes on reservation”
· Reservations on the day are accepted by telephone. 03-3844-7688
· In case of up to the previous day, reservation is possible by reservation form.
· Reservation confirmation e-mail will be delivered by automatic sending after applying at reservation form.
Depending on the settings of your mail software or mail service, confirmation e-mails may be processed as spam mails, so please check the settings.
· We will confirm the reservation by e-mail within 24 hours, we will reply.
· Asakusa rental kimono komei is not accepted as cancellation fee. In case of cancellation please be sure to contact us.

Standard plan 【Kimono】Gold plan 【2 feet long sleeved kimono】Platinum plan 【Casual sleeved kimono】Elegant plan【Long-sleeved kimono】Hakama skirt planGentleman's planBoy's planGirl's plan
Multiple selection is possible.